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How To Use Carlton's Old School Fishing Secrets

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Dear Crappie Fisherman,

I'm gonna cut to the chase here.

Then I'm going to tell you about a looming deadline... and "why" the deadline exists in the first place.

The first thing that's going to happen when you sign up for the Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets package is: The entire thing will appear on your doorstep in 3-5 days. (If you selected the monthly plan, you'll get 1 cd and manual every month plus bonuses gifts)

Then you'll open the box to make sure you aren't missing anything.

You shoud have:

* The "READ ME FIRST" packet which will guide you through all the brilliant secrets, tactics and techniques of all 12 guys.

* Manual #1 and CD #1 - Carlton Byrum

* Manual #2 and CD #2 - Bill "Pee Wee" Reese

* Manual #3 and CD #3 - Jerry Bevis

* Manual #4 and CD #4 - Randy "Mr. Danger" Musgrove

* Manual #5 and CD #5 - Shayne Simmons

* Manual #6 and CD #6 - Steve "Gar Bait" Farmer

* Manual #7 and CD #7 - Dale Mitchell

* Manual #8 and CD #8 - Tommy "Crappie Seed" Cornelius

* Bonus Gift #1: "Quick N' Easy Old School Crappie Fishing Fundamentals Course" (Only
available for a short time... details below)

* Bonus Gift #2: "Advanced Old School Crappie Jigging Secrets Course" (Only available for a short time... details below)

* Bonus Gift #3: Special Report: "Do You Make These Common Crappie Fishing Mistakes?"

* Bonus Gift #4: Special Report: "Cutting Through The Crap Crappie Fishing Equipment Report"


You can pick it up everything here:


...once you check to make sure you have everything, you'll start on ol' Carlton Byrum.

First, I recommend listening to his talk by putting the CD into your CD player.

Then go through the manual and see how every one of his techniques and secrets is laid out with easy-to-follow steps with detailed illustrations and photos.

Now, pick the techniques you want to try next time you go out fishing.

Plan a day... and go out and put his unique techniques to work. (You won't need to
bring anything else... unless you want to try out his "super maggots" in which case
there is a little preparation you need to do...you'll see!)

If you follow his simple instructions, you'll be blown away by the number of crappie
you'll catch.


Last thing:

You'll see a deadline of next Sunday on the website. (For the bonuses as part of the
Introductory Special)

Ignore it.

You are one of my special subscribers, and I've got an entire course (and all bonuses)
set aside for you.

You have more time than everyone else.

I'll be holding your bonus gifts for 14 days. You get dibs on them, and they are yours for the taking.

As for the main course, I can hold it for you for 60 days, to make sure you have time to get one.

After that, I can't guarantee it will ever be available again.

You can see why here:


In 2 days, I'm going to let you in on some stuff old school fisherman "Pee Wee" Reese is

The guy is good. Real good. I wish I had thought of this stuff on my own!

Gone Fishin',

Daniel Eggertsen
Fisherman & Creator, Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets

P.S. Ever fish in a spot they say is “fished out”? It’s possible the crappies are gone, but highly unlikely. If they were in the spot before, there is a strong chance their offspring are there now. You just have to try different tactics because conditions (and new generations of crappie) change over time…

Carlton will show you the exact techniques he uses to catch crappie in the most difficult locations. If there are any crappies in the water at all, you’ll be getting all the action you can handle.

Carlton knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s made fisherman of the year in Ft. Lauderdale Florida 2 times in a row, and now he’s going to reveal all his secrets to you.

It wasn’t easy to get him to talk about his best stuff…but once I got him talking, boy did he spill his guts! You’ll discover:

An amazing jig, combined with a special “flip, swing, pop” technique, that suckers the biggest crappie to bite almost instantly (especially around lily pads) (This secret works so well Carlton BEGGED his best friend to tell him by calling repeatedly at 1am!)
A sneaky trick that forces thousands of bugs into the water, attracting hundreds of minnows (and crappie) to your spot
How to use your BOBBER to create the perfect “noise” that attracts crappie like wild! (This powerful technique works best if you aren’t getting any bites – for almost immediate strikes!)
How to create your own private crappie fishing hotspot only YOU know the location of! (It lasts for weeks, in any body of water)
How to “divert” crappie to your bait, and away from everyone else’s (Hint: it has to do with your distance from the shore, and is so simple you can master it in minutes!)
How to catch “easy crappie” around bottom structure by using heavy line and an old school white jig
How to jig chicken feathers one inch ABOVE THE WATER for “arm-breaking” flying crappie attacks! (Wait ‘till your buddies see this…)
How to identify land mass that points to where “reserve” crappie are hiding – when all else fails! (Keep this secret from your buddies, and only take advantage of this when you are alone!)
A genius method of using an ANCHOR ROPE to put crappie in ambush mode… and how to “serve” your bait to them on a silver platter for instant attack strikes! (Carlton was laughed at when he told another group about this… but 2 hours later they had caught only 10 crappie…and Carlton had 47!)

The secret “rapid fire” technique that can catch dozens of fanning crappie in under 45 minutes. (This one exploits a crappies’ defense mechanism)

(Click the play button to hear part of it - 44 seconds)

How to catch a hundred crappie in a single day by creating “super maggots”! (Carlton found out about this amazing secret from a wandering stranger at a gas station…)

(Cick the play button to hear part of it - 1 minute 11 seconds)
How to catch up to 20 bass on the way back to the dock after a day of crappie fishing! (This works best if you are in a boat, close to the bank)

How to catch crappie at night using an “invisible” (and FREE) rod and reel! (Carlton pissed off some pro’s with this by out-catching them 100 to 16… and they were using the most expensive crappie rigs money can buy!)

(Cick the play button to hear part of it - 23 seconds)
And a lot more!

Old School Crappie Fishing Secrets
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Phone: 877-564-7273

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