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"The Legend Of Suzie Minuka",
And Subtle Crappie Fishing Tweaks

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Jerry Bevis is the king of tricky tactics that bring consistent crappie strikes to the end of his line. He got these from his grandfather, and he reveals everything including:

How to re-bait and get your line back in the water quicker than anyone with a simple technique called “machine gun casting”! (Obviously, the more your bait is in the water, the more crappie you’ll catch)
A special way of rigging a minnow so it attracts crappie like flies on fresh cow dung (It makes your minnow look more vulnerable so crappie will IGNORE almost everyone else’s!)
How to use a special PORCUPINE bobber so crappie will attack your bait like a bat out of hell! (You’ll also discover why other bobbers can ruin an entire day of crappie fishing)
How to stop breaking your line – even in the worst snag situations you can imagine (Why lose gear, and waste money, when you can easily rig your tackle to pull through anything?)
How to increase the precision and length of your casts (It’s called a “float setup”, and you’ll be slinging deadly accurate casts without messing up your rigging!)
The tru-turn hook secret that makes ANY bait more attractive to crappie (You’ll notice an immediate difference in the number and size of crappie you catch!)
A sneaky trick for building crappie houses brimming with swarms of crappie! (You’ll also find out how to keep the location of these “houses” hidden from everyone else)
How to find the perfect crappie catching depth faster (and more reliably) than any fish finder
The “disgusting” method of using rotting flesh to create an instant crappie feeding frenzy (Jerry and his buddies SWEAR they’ve never seen anything bring more crappie)

The winter crappie fishing secret for coaxing strikes out of sluggish crappie (When you combine this secret with fishing “slower”, look out!)

The secret “bank lure” bass can’t resist (It will work in any water where bass live, and also catches crappie if you use a smaller version)

And more!

Hi Crappie Fisherman,

18 days ago you signed up to get this "old school" crappie fishing information... that's why you're getting the inside scoop on Jerry Bevis' techniques today.

But before I tell you all about Jerry Bevis' subtle crappie fishing "tweaks" that will attract crappie to your baits and lures like flies on hot cow dung - I wanted to share
an Eggertsen "legend" with you.

I come from a family of "tough guys", starting with "Daddy Burt".

Daddy Burt was my barrel-chested great grandfather. He saw hard times, and had to rely on true grit to see him through.

I never knew him, but I heard stories...

One of these stories is known as "The Legend Of Suzie Minuka".

Daddy Burt loved fishing, and he loved taking his grandkids fishing.

Now, my Dad, and his brother were very different. My dad loved boxing, weightlifting, fishing, and drinking beer.

His brother, Tom, loved gardening in the back yard.

Two very different guys.

Anyway, Daddy Burt took these 2 kids fishing. And about an hour in to the fishing, my Dad got bored and pushed Tom right into the lake.

"WAAAAAAA!" Tom started to cry because he was cold. Annie Mom (my great grandmother) immediately took little Tom to the car, looking for some warm clothes to put him in.

Unfortunately for him, the only thing she could find was one of her old dresses!

So she put little Tom in the dress to keep him warm... and he paid dearly for this.

Daddy Burt, in a booming voice said... "Well lookie here! It's little Suzie Minuka!"


"WAAAAAA!" Tom cried and cried!

The story is still told today, and even though this email doesn't do it justice, I figured
you might get a chuckle out of it.

Now, Jerry Bevis is no Suzie Minuka.

He uses old school tactics to "tweak" a crappie's brain in order to control their behavior.

The truth is, the most respected (and successful) crappie fishermen are doing a lot more than meets the eye.

And Jerry is the king of subtle tricks that stimulate crappie instincts. Here's just a few
points he covered in our long conversation:

* A sneaky trick for "building" crappie houses without anyone else knowing

* The secret "bank lure" crappie can't resist

* Why using any bobber can cut your catches in half - and a special "float" made out of porcupine parts that completely eliminates this problem

Now you'll have a few more subtle tricks to put up your sleeve so you can catch more

...and if you want to take it to another level completely (and blow your buddies away with how many crappie you haul in) check out my old school crappie fishing secrets package... so you'll have it ALL.


Next, in 2 days I'll walk you through the exact steps you'll take to put Jerry's old school
crappie tweaks to work. (Yes, that includes the "rotting flesh" method of creating an instant crappie feeding frenzy.)

'Till then...

Gone Fishin',

Daniel Eggertsen
President and Founder, Crappie Fishing Secret Weapon

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